Hey.  I just wanted to write a few quick words about my owner. Well, one of them. Her. He's a whole other story (I say that with all due respect).

You know, this world seems to be made for the loud, the aggressive, the show offs. That isn't her. My owner doesn't have a bad intention in her bones. When I was first brought home, some 10 years ago, I was just a mere ball of fur. I was placed on top of her while she slept, as a little surprise. We've been together ever since, through all kinds of ups and downs.  And there have been ups and downs.  But through it all, she's remained exactly what she is today: a classy, funny, adorable little lady. Not everyone gets to see her silly side, her outgoing side, her crazy side.  I do.  And boy, do I think the rest of the world is missing out. But that's ok. I feel lucky to have a front row seat. I trust her more than anyone in the world...even when she's being clumsy in the kitchen and putting her clothes on backwards.

So today I encourage you to give a little extra love to your masters.   If you're lucky, they are everything that she is to me.

    I know you've all been waiting to hear my picks for the Oscar awards.  Admittedly, I am fairly adept at picking winners in any number of categories.  I once even predicted all of the technical award recipients, including "Shyest Key Grip". 
    You should know that I haven't seen all the movies this year, only a handful of the twenty some-odd Best Picture nominees.  And I didn't get to see them in the theater, of course, only on screener DVDs.  I believe that we're at least 5 years away from pets being allowed in our nation's cinemas, a horrific advancement for all involved. 
    The thing that stands out for me when I look at this year's nominees, is how incredibly dramatic humans can be.  To the point of adding nauseum everywhere.  They fight, they cry, they get wrapped up in nostalgia and past transgressions.  Why can't they just be like me and have absolutely no long-term memory?  It makes living in the moment inevitable.  My favorite movie this year was Boyhood, not only for its incredible 12 year filming schedule, but also for making me glad I never had to go through puberty, a ridiculous combination of hair and loneliness. 
    I enjoyed "Birdman," but was disappointed that there was only one of them and he was an actor.  Give me a fleet of birdmen putting on a play that they self-produced and then we can talk.  I could go on and on.  The important thing here is that everyone gets an award tonight and we can all go back to our lives.  The Oscars are a celebration of movies, and what better way to celebrate than by telling some that they are better than others.  Have fun watching.

I love you all.
xo Willie